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Ideal time to visit Sivasagar is from September to April. As rain stop and weather becomes pleasant on that part of the year. You can visit the historical monuments to feel the power of Ahom Kings and to see the advance architecture of their time. There is a big Tai museum situated in the Sivasagar town with a good collection from Ahom period to satisfy your queries. Two Bird Towers are Situated at the bank of 'Sibsagar Tank '& 'Joysagar Tank'. Visitors can watch the migrated Birds from this Towers. You can visit the nearby Tea gardens  to see how your cup of tea is prepared. You can also visit the worlds largest River Island Majuli by just crossing the mighty river Brahmaputra. 'Majuli' is the nerve Centre of the Assamese "Baishnava" culture. There you can collect valuable information of Assamese culture. If you plan to come in the  middle of January then you can join in the post harvesting festival "Bhogali Bihu" .  Otherwise if you   come in the middle of April then surely you can participate  in the festival of spring the joyful "Rongali Bihu", and can take part  in the world famous Bihu Dance. We feel proud to say that the festival of Bihu in Assam is originated from this district. Sivaraatri Mela is one of the big occasion, when people are come to Sivasagar. You can also plane to attend this Mela. 'Aajan pir Dorgaah 'is one of the place, in where people are come for Pray and get together.

If you are interested in wild and scenic beauty of the region then you must visit the world famous Kaziranga National Park which is only two and half hour drive from the city. Where you can find world famous one horned Rhino, Elephants, Tigers, Dears, Wild Buffalo and different kinds of rare birds. You also get thrilling Elephant riding experience there. You may also make a sortie to Dibru-Saikhua Bird century to view rare birds. But for all these it will be wise if you inform about your plan in advance to the tourist department so that they can make necessary arrangements for you.

The District is the largest producer of the natural gas and oil of this region. The world famous "Galeki" and "Rudra Sagar" oilfield is nearby the city. So, if you interested you can also witness how crude and natural gas is extracted from the mother earth.




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